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Touristic Interest Centers

In Rincon de Doña Inés we recommend visit the next nearby touristic interest centers:

In an incomparable environment

Rincón de Doña Inés offers several outdoor activities of those visitors who wish to enjoy a stay in one of the most charming sites of the region of Tierra de Campos and we invite to you to practice tourism in any of its forms:

Active Tourism:

The visitor can enjoy long leisurely walks, hiking, cycling*, guided walks or even a visit to a local farm. Also it is possible to enjoy a day hunting in the preserves areas of the site or visit a local cellar to do a wine tasting. Canoeing or doing a trip on the boat ‘Antonio de Ulloa’ through the Canal de Castilla is another of the multiple options to spend the day in the area.

The visitor can also enjoy major pilgrim routes such as the ‘Camino de Santiago’ which is at a short walking distance from the hotel. Whether you are on business or holiday, you are sure to find plenty to do at Rincón de Doña Inés.

*Bike hiring service is available at the visitors center of Canal de Castilla

Nature Tourism:

We can observe the characteristic fauna of these steppes which makes it a unique site for naturalist tourism and especially for bird-watching.

In these cereal plains, rendezvous some of the bird communities most important of the Península Ibérica, being one of the landscapes that has more species diversity than even many forests.

On the top of the hill of Villanueva de la Condesa, called ‘The Castle’ (‘El Castillo’), is the viewing-point of the location, from where you will be able to admire the Castilian landscape, a “sea of lights and colours”. It is the perfect place for photography lovers.

Fuentes de Nava is located a few Km. from Villanueva de la Condesa, a village where is the famous ‘Laguna de la Nava’. And without leaving the region, we recommend visit Villafáfila, municipality known by its lagoons complex.

Historic - Cultural Tourism:

Villanueva de la Condesa has the viewing-point of the area which is called 'El Castillo’ (‘The Castle’), due to in the Middle Age a defensive castle or fortress was here. Nowadays is really representative in this area, numerous underground cellars typically adorned with traditional farming tools on its walls.

In our town the parish church of San Pedro is preserved proudly. It's a gothic - mudejar building built in brick and stone in the sixteenth century.

The raw mud, it means, uncooked, is the most common material used in the traditional constructions of Tierra de Campos and it is presented, principally, in its two best-known categories: the “adobe” and “tapial”. In Villanueva de la Condesa we can see in most buildings these two characteristic architectural features that invites to their carefully observation.

At your fingertips and without need large displacements, we also recommend visit nearby villages with charm, like Villalón de Campos, Mayorga, Becilla de Valderaduey, Ampudia, Montealegre, Medina de Rioseco y Urueña among other...

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